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  2. Anyone got any tips for using snipers in pubg? There are some people who seem to get right on target and then there is me and anytime I get an 8x I cant seem to hit anything. Its as if putting an 8x on a gun guarantees me a miss. I dont find it to be true with 4x and find myself decent on ranging when it comes to at distance shots.
  3. Obviously some of this is situational but and we all try to find the best armor. What Guns and or attachments are ideal and why? I generally try to find an AK with a 4x and either an ump or vector with a supressor OR alternatively an sks/mini14 with a 4x. I like the 4x reticle on the AK I just seem to do better with it than the chevron of the m4. I also like the sks/mini over other snipers because I like the follow up better on them better than Kar because my aim is trash.
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  5. uninstalled

    I mean, if this was at a job, I'd say we could investigate the windows event logs and see what user was uninstalling... but since it's your home pc, it probably only has the single user....
  6. uninstalled

    What splat said! But I do believe in Ghosts!
  7. uninstalled

    or the wife is playing a great prank!
  8. uninstalled

    So for the last week, ive had PUBG uninstall itself. i turn off my pc, and its gone. No longer in my system. No longer in my steamapps wtf steam
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  10. New donation from Lousy

    Newq, thanks for the kind words.
  11. New donation from Lousy

    Another fine show of support from Lousy, a huge longtime supporter of the community. Thanks Lousy!
  12. CS:GO Server - Now Live!

    If I get the job tomorrow, I'll fund a server for 3 months and see how it goes. Using Solo's server setting. How to get people on it? EZ. Play some comp, add some friendly people and say if you wanna play some more. Then, ask to join your server to practice something. And voila! They know your server. And when you play at night with other ecg guys, they might join in seeing me in there. They may bring in some of their own players. Expand! It's how I've brought new people into our discord server. Same technique. That's how Doug joined. Sorry doug, mind games!
  13. CS:GO Server - Now Live!

    Just as an FYI, the server has expired. If members wish to fund another in the future we can always hold those discussions.
  14. New donation from ac|dburn

    Well take that wolfmother, bet you can't beat that.
  15. Hi ac|dburn, Thank you for your donation of $60.00. We would like to take a moment to thank you for your support. If not for the generousity of members such as yourself, ECG would likely not exist. Thanks EcG Gaming
  16. Rust

    After a year, I finally got back into it if anyone wants to play.
  17. New donation from ac|dburn

    brb adding donation module for Losty's Vacations
  18. New donation from ac|dburn

    Newq... put your money where your mouth is. If such bar is created... I shall fill it.
  19. New donation from Lousy

    Thank you sir!
  20. New donation from Lousy

    Thank you, pal! Good to see you stopping by the boards, too!
  21. New donation from Lousy

    Thanks man!
  22. Hi Lousy, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We would like to take a moment to thank you for your support. If not for the generousity of members such as yourself, ECG would likely not exist. Thanks EcG Gaming
  23. EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    I really enjoyed ftb infinity evolved and the wealth of mods the pack had. I still struggling to figure out the new minecraft and like Cav have been less than impressed with the changes. I am still struggling with power conversion. It seems like there is no good way to convert rf to eu very easily in this pack. We are at about mid way through game at this point and going strong. last night we spent about 6 hours gathering resources and building machines and making parts for our nano suits for the 4 of us and before that it was angel rings and individual grid power. The pack is very playable. Also carpenter blocks have been renamed seems that it is its own mod now, search "framed" in nei to find em. Do they have ftb IE for 1.2? Would love to try that some hard mode.
  24. EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    Negative but it is something I am willing to be apart of and look into. I have had kicked by remote host issues on my end with this current mod pack. But it seems to run well for everyone else. I know some people are not fans of this pack so it's what ever the crew wants to do. I'll follow the crowd on this one =)
  25. EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    ya i cannot find a mod in it that is gabbing my fancy. it has it's cool stuff and is stable but it is lacking something i cannot put the finger on. Snuggs has done a lot of work to get the server up again and investigated the MODs we have tired so/but We need the community to put forward new MODs to look at if we want change. Unstable seems to have been our most popular and has a 1.12 version now. @Mr. Snuggles! you know anything about the newest unstable?
  26. EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    I've got a love/hate with this modpack so far. I'm enjoying the fact that it is a 1.12 pack, but it feels like a lot of the mods have changed in ways I'm not a huge fan of (Tinkers' Construct is my biggest gripe so far). Also noticed Thaumcraft isn't in it. Not sure if any other major mods were left out.
  27. New donation from wolfmother

    Noice! Thanks Wolf!
  28. New donation from ac|dburn

    I think i need a donation bar next to the ECG fund lets call it boobies and beer for NewQ. Then you guys could one up each other all day! Either way, nice donation Man!
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