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  1. prim + xkap are my friends
  2. Are we allowed to make teams or
  3. Highlight Reel

  4. Highlight Reel

    https://gfycat.com/DeterminedRevolvingAfricanbushviper ez double touch
  5. Highlight Reel

    https://gfycat.com/ColdSelfishBlacknorwegianelkhound A 0 second goal team play by me and cav. More to come
  6. I've played it, & would be down to def play
  7. Rust

    ok i got rust time to be so pro good luck trying to catch up to me noobs
  8. Highlight Reel

    jeez what the heck why do you suck
  9. Terraria

    Cool cool, I'll make sure to ask you when I decide to jump on!
  10. Terraria

    So, I was wondering if anyone would like to get together and play some terraria? Automated and I have a little server setup if anyone would like to play
  11. Chaos.

  12. Hey Im Back

    Welcome back!
  13. Duo Ranked Friends?

    I love 2v2's, I play alot with Jypher usually. My rank is Challenger 3 Div 3, so if you wanna play I'm down
  14. World of tanks/ships/airplanes

    I might get it, if I do I'll make sure to message you! And congrats!