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  1. This was a triumph...
  2. It's good to be alive.
  3. Losty

    Anyone Still playing?

    I still play (PC) and I'm still not your time zone
  4. Losty

    PubG + Mac

    My wife wanted to play FFXIV back in the day, but no mac support. My non-tech wife ended up learning how to bootcamp her mac to play. I'll tell you what I told her : macs are great, but the biggest share of home users are PC. Games will pretty much always be on PC. Make a choice.
  5. Losty


    I mean, if this was at a job, I'd say we could investigate the windows event logs and see what user was uninstalling... but since it's your home pc, it probably only has the single user....
  6. Losty

    New donation from ac|dburn

    brb adding donation module for Losty's Vacations
  7. Losty

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    Got you in.
  8. Losty

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    So we are actually still playing and going strong. Just not really posting on the forums. I'm not sure how to send an out of game invite, but if you go to the link I posted up top, and join it, I can accept you
  9. Losty

    New donation from Anonymous

    I just took your donations and wolfs, and combined them. And we both know you can.
  10. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $326.03. We would like to take a moment to thank you for your support. If not for the generousity of members such as yourself, ECG would likely not exist. Thanks EcG Gaming
  11. Losty


    Are you guys playing on PC, or on a console? A coworker has been trying to get me into the ps4 version.
  12. Losty

    The Glory of Llama

    Welcome home! I've been around for awhile... but I also don't remember here sadly.
  13. Losty

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    Trying to figure it out with them. They might be merging clans with another before we hop over, so we can enjoy ECG for now
  14. Losty

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    They are all US folks actually it's really just better for you lol, I just figured more people for you folks to play with, and more legendary Engrams.
  15. Losty

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    @Swordthane so I have a friend who has like 10 people in their clan, they are mostly EST folks. Think we can merge into them? Better perks from level, and also more possibility for you guys to have other folks to play.