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  1. solo

    CS:GO Server - Now Live!

    If I get the job tomorrow, I'll fund a server for 3 months and see how it goes. Using Solo's server setting. How to get people on it? EZ. Play some comp, add some friendly people and say if you wanna play some more. Then, ask to join your server to practice something. And voila! They know your server. And when you play at night with other ecg guys, they might join in seeing me in there. They may bring in some of their own players. Expand! It's how I've brought new people into our discord server. Same technique. That's how Doug joined. Sorry doug, mind games!
  2. I want to make a squad for January Series
  3. "just in that window." But, the server is usually available from 6pm-11pm, then the number of people drops off.
  4. then, i need to test you. I can't have you on the squad.
  5. I am looking for players that are willing to buckle down, and game to win. PUBGonline server schedule: 6pm til 6am, NA server. 4 man squad, 1 sub only.
  6. I'm seeking someone that is already in the top 5k ranking. If interested, PM me. find me in discord PM, steam PM, or twitter.com/readdyeddy
  7. those hand posture looks like he was holding a gaming controller
  8. yeah... this game relies on SSD really... do you have amazon wishlist? if you do, show us the link. maybe some of us can get you some cheap SSDs for dedicated games.
  9. hmm, doesn't look good. at this rate, we don't have enough players.
  10. who are you? but sure if you want.
  11. This is for the rocket league mini tournament Summer I.
  12. Those who have messaged or commented will be on the Qualified List Participant List [EcG] Solo Jypher [EcG] Keltair [EcG] Blu [EcG] Cavalier Wolfmother [EcG] SwordThane Prim xKapitol PaperFroggy Pasta Lasagna
  13. Okay, I thought about it for a bit. I can organize two tournaments, which is quite similar format. 2v2 will have 8 teams, 4 teams per group. Group A (3 games will be played) Team 1 (Winner's bracket) Team 2 (Winner's bracket) Team 3 (Loser's bracket) Team 4 (Loser's bracket) Group B (3 games will be played) Team 1 (Winner's bracket) Team 2 (Winner's bracket) Team 3 (Loser's bracket) Team 4 (Loser's bracket) For fairness of the tournament, I will not be setting up an organized and pre-determined team set up. I will list all participants and use RNG to create teams. The group Stage will be a Best of 1 (With 10 minute Round). The Winner's bracket and Loser's Bracket will be a Best of 3 (With 5 Minute Round) The Championship final for 1st/2nd place will be a Best of 5 (With 5 minute Round, if it ends up being 2-2 tied, then the final round will be 10 minute Round). There will be 1 minute intermission break between Rounds in the Bo3 and Bo5.