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  1. Splat

    Anyone Still playing?

    Friends got me back into this.
  2. apparently it is not a 8 man but a pair of four mans and you can only setup one of them.
  3. Splat


    or the wife is playing a great prank!
  4. Splat

    EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    ya i cannot find a mod in it that is gabbing my fancy. it has it's cool stuff and is stable but it is lacking something i cannot put the finger on. Snuggs has done a lot of work to get the server up again and investigated the MODs we have tired so/but We need the community to put forward new MODs to look at if we want change. Unstable seems to have been our most popular and has a 1.12 version now. @Mr. Snuggles! you know anything about the newest unstable?
  5. Splat

    So How's it goin'

    The server is claiming it needs an update but i am too unfamiliar with the host console/we look up to date to me. @Mr. Snuggles! The only update i can find is form July and we look up to date but the host says we are not and no one can connect....??? This should be the MOD https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-presents-direwolf20-1-10
  6. Splat

    So How's it goin'

    this is from a few months back.
  7. Splat

    The Glory of Llama

    Hey Lama! Welcome back! I remember Val. Used to play a lot of Gun Game with her and Squee. Glad to hear she is doing well!
  8. Splat

    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    I have started playing and am working up to catch up with some friends. Great game with SOOOOOOO much to do! The combat is turn based but has a great feel that moves quick. The only thing i have found rough is that one you use stat points that is it, but it is not horrible. Fun well made game! hit me up if you want to play!
  9. Splat

    How to Strafe in CS:GO?

    Cool unfortunately not so effective in PUBG or Overwatch....
  10. Splat

    How to Strafe in CS:GO?

    in the Source days there was a time when strafing would sort of glitch and reset your recoil for a split second. if you fired at that moment it would get you better accuracy. Why you saw a lot of people dancing while shooting. I still do it out of habit in other games.
  11. Splat

    So How's it goin'

    Hi, I know i have not been on much, in any game. Life is trying to kill me, but i still have a full head of hair. As the weather turns and i am home more i should be back to getting on more. I have only had a little time for the odd round of Overwatch on a sunday. How is the server going. Has PUBG stolen the people? Tolkiencraft still humming good? I hope to have more time in October to invest the time into Minecraft again.
  12. Splat

    New Pack for Minecraft Server?

    My Pc has been down for weeks and i have a full schedule for the summer. Likely not see me playing much until the fall/winter. honestly i was personally very excited about Tolkiencraft but it did not catch my attention YET, but to be fair i have not had time to play with anyone. Oh and PUBG.... well it is PUBG.
  13. Splat

    Killing Floor 2 ($12 with other games)

    That is it?! Just Keltair? $12.... no interest?
  14. I have this on PS4 and it is fun, but console FPS is not my thing. Currently the Humble Monthly is $12 for this and at the end of the month a few other games will unlock. Part of the $12.00 will go to charity. I am seeing if enough people would grab this and or have KF2. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?linkID=&mcID=102:59837086f4ab4ed13bdf4064:ot:56e8717e733462ca89ab1472:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017_08_04_august2017_monthly_missedout&linkID=&utm_content=hero_image