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  1. Newq

    i'm back

    Hey DJ! We are now playing pubg for the most part. Welcome back man!
  2. I hope we get enough people together to try this out on test realm. 8 man 2x AR's WOOT!
  3. to access emotes in pubg simply press and hold the ' ~ ' key and use mouse to navigate the emote "wheel"
  4. Obviously some of this is situational but and we all try to find the best armor. What Guns and or attachments are ideal and why? I generally try to find an AK with a 4x and either an ump or vector with a supressor OR alternatively an sks/mini14 with a 4x. I like the 4x reticle on the AK I just seem to do better with it than the chevron of the m4. I also like the sks/mini over other snipers because I like the follow up better on them better than Kar because my aim is trash.
  5. Anyone got any tips for using snipers in pubg? There are some people who seem to get right on target and then there is me and anytime I get an 8x I cant seem to hit anything. Its as if putting an 8x on a gun guarantees me a miss. I dont find it to be true with 4x and find myself decent on ranging when it comes to at distance shots.
  6. Newq

    New donation from Lousy

    Another fine show of support from Lousy, a huge longtime supporter of the community. Thanks Lousy!
  7. Newq

    EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    I really enjoyed ftb infinity evolved and the wealth of mods the pack had. I still struggling to figure out the new minecraft and like Cav have been less than impressed with the changes. I am still struggling with power conversion. It seems like there is no good way to convert rf to eu very easily in this pack. We are at about mid way through game at this point and going strong. last night we spent about 6 hours gathering resources and building machines and making parts for our nano suits for the 4 of us and before that it was angel rings and individual grid power. The pack is very playable. Also carpenter blocks have been renamed seems that it is its own mod now, search "framed" in nei to find em. Do they have ftb IE for 1.2? Would love to try that some hard mode.
  8. Newq

    New donation from wolfmother

    Noice! Thanks Wolf!
  9. Newq

    New donation from ac|dburn

    I think i need a donation bar next to the ECG fund lets call it boobies and beer for NewQ. Then you guys could one up each other all day! Either way, nice donation Man!
  10. Newq

    EcG Minecraft - New Mod Pack

    <---- is not liking the new pack.
  11. Newq

    Play of the yr :P

    video or it didn't happen.
  12. Hi Newq, Thank you for your donation of $60.00. We would like to take a moment to thank you for your support. If not for the generousity of members such as yourself, ECG would likely not exist. Thanks EcG Gaming
  13. Newq

    CS:GO Server - Now Live!

    A big thank you to all the contributing members and the mods+ that made this possible!
  14. Just a heads up, LiL NewQ is pretty upset tonight. Someone opened up a trade with him and wanted his m9 bayonet in trade. The guy asked him to enter his m9 bayonet into the csgo item checker. Somehow the trade was set and away his knife went. He's pretty busted up about it knowing it's not going to be easy to replace. We have opened up a steam support ticket and are attempting to get it back but steam has a policy of not returning lost items for whatever reason. Anyone know now what the steam item checker is and how he might have lost it? I have never heard of this until tonight. Thanks in advance.
  15. Newq

    CSGO item checker scam

    LOL thats a brutal lesson.
  16. Newq

    CSGO item checker scam

    this is exactly what happened. It was difficult pulling the info out of him because he was embarrassed and emotionally upset. Live and learn... better to learn this way than to learn a much harder lesson. I mean its not a ton of money but just the same. I guess he will make out on the deal from me... Told him I would replace it.... What a sucker I am ;D
  17. Newq

    CSGO item checker scam

    It was a M9 bayonet dopler
  18. Thanks Click, I have adjusted you back to a member. It is good to see you, it has been a long time and am thankful for the contribution and the visit.
  19. Newq

    New donation from solo

    Thanks Solo! We appreciate the help
  20. Newq

    New donation from U$@BORN

    My sincerest thanks!
  21. Newq

    New donation from Thrill-Kill_Jill

    Thank you for your support. Its good to see that their is still belief in our community.
  22. Newq

    New donation from Keltair

    Thanks for the help. In a rather dark time your support means alot.