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  1. Rust

    After a year, I finally got back into it if anyone wants to play.
  2. Warhammer 2? Im getting that soon, love those games

    no, it is turn based

    i honestly have no idea lol

    Do we have any previous or current Total war players? Rome, Rome II, Medieval, Warhammer, if not, it's a turn based very strategic empire building game,
  6. Albion Guild Layout

    Can I join the train
  7. Rust

    I don't know if your still playing, but I have a pretty big group and a very big base if you wanted to join us
  8. Hey Im Back

    Hi doggone! I dont know if you remember me! i used to play w/ u and trigger a ton haha, good to c u back!
  9. Rust

    rip did u use it snuggles? didnt mean to post this twice, sry
  10. Rust

    rust or 7 days?
  11. Rust

    rip did u use it snuggles?
  12. Rust

    idk, did u buy it from that or off of steam?
  13. Rust

    would be be able to play bc its not on steam
  14. Rust

    Thinking about buying Rust! I was wondering if we could get some people to make a ecg clan! we would have to find a server etc. but lets take a role call first! Who here plays?
  15. Game of CZ75/Taser?

    another one my rank is screwed anyway