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  1. Sorry to hear that, I went through a similar time the two years before I joined EcG. Haven't played a console in forever, but Breath of the Wild... I hear it calling.
  2. Welcome back man, good to see you again
  3. Keltair

    New donation from ac|dburn

    Thanks man!
  4. Keltair

    New donation from Lousy

    Thanks man!
  5. Splat still here of course, but many have gone inactive as things seem to be switching from CS:GO to PUBG right now. I know Laura had a baby a year or so ago and has obviously been busy, and I think Sly is now working for PUBG actually.
  6. Welcome back man - jump in the discord when you get a chance. Most people are playing PUBG these days, but I have seen some talk about fortnite recently.
  7. Keltair


    I think Drake and Swordthane were both highly involved, would reach out to them over discord/steam chat
  8. Keltair

    New donation from ac|dburn

    Thanks again, very generous!
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    Thanks man, very generous!
  10. Keltair

    New donation from ac|dburn

    Thanks man!
  11. Keltair


    Hey man, welcome back!
  12. Keltair

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

  13. Welcome man! I'll get you added to the Rocket League group in the discord as well.
  14. Keltair

    Remember Nim?

    Welcome back! I joined at the end of Source, before we moved to GO. I'm mostly playing Rocket League and some PUBG these days - if you jump in the discord channel, there's a good bunch of us in both those games these days.
  15. Keltair

    Destiny 2 PC Clan

    I grabbed it on pc, will be there