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  1. New donation from Lousy

    Thanks man!
  2. Splat still here of course, but many have gone inactive as things seem to be switching from CS:GO to PUBG right now. I know Laura had a baby a year or so ago and has obviously been busy, and I think Sly is now working for PUBG actually.
  3. Welcome back man - jump in the discord when you get a chance. Most people are playing PUBG these days, but I have seen some talk about fortnite recently.
  4. Alive?

    I think Drake and Swordthane were both highly involved, would reach out to them over discord/steam chat
  5. New donation from ac|dburn

    Thanks again, very generous!
  6. New donation from wolfmother

    Thanks man, very generous!
  7. New donation from ac|dburn

    Thanks man!
  8. Artttyyyy

    Hey man, welcome back!
  9. Destiny 2 PC Clan

  10. Welcome man! I'll get you added to the Rocket League group in the discord as well.
  11. Remember Nim?

    Welcome back! I joined at the end of Source, before we moved to GO. I'm mostly playing Rocket League and some PUBG these days - if you jump in the discord channel, there's a good bunch of us in both those games these days.
  12. Destiny 2 PC Clan

    I grabbed it on pc, will be there
  13. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

    If you don't have the cable, I think monoprice is the best place for cables. Been a while but I think it's just the general SATA cable for most SSDs (check your model #).
  14. Hello, Im Neiara

    Welcome aboard! Hope you both stop by Rocket League soon, there's a few of us on most nights.
  15. Advanced Mechanics

    Hey everyone, still deciding how to build up the club, but I think having training resources in a central location is probably the best first step. Below is a video that teaches some techniques that are not in the simple tutorials and maybe not so obvious to newer players. For instance, it took me an embarrassingly long time to learn about fast aerials. If anyone else has any training/tips resources they think are helpful, please post them in this section.