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Game Specific Groups in Discord

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New feature I am rolling out to our Discord! This will be nice for those trying to find group members for a party in various games, and keep some spam out of the general chat

In Discord, you might notice a new text channel named 'lookingforgroup'. I have also taken the liberty to start creating 'hidden' roles (ones you won't see on the right hand menu) for games. If you personally want to be able to get pinged (i.e. your phone or desktop program will show an alert) please make sure your Game Lead knows you want to be added!

For example : I have created an 'Overwatch' role on Discord. Myself and a few others have it. If I wanted to play, and I went to the lookingforgroup text channel, and put in "@overwatch anyone for casual?" it would ping all the people in the Overwatch group on discord. Easier to ping the people you WANT to play with. (Maybe this will get Jypher out of general chat for Rocket league :P)

As groups identify as wanting this Discord capability, I will be getting with the Game Leads to ensure they know how to manage their groups.

tl;dr version : let your game lead for the game you want know you want the role. Anyone can mention that role in the lookingforgroup channel. Example usage is "@overwatch looking for a group for casual!". This will alert everyone (that has it enabled to notify them) in that group they have a message on Discord. It's the same feature as how to contact admins.

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