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Whats Your favorite Load Out?

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Obviously some of this is situational but and we all try to find the best armor. What Guns and or attachments are ideal and why?

I generally try to find an AK with a 4x and either an ump or vector with a supressor OR alternatively an sks/mini14 with a 4x.

I like the 4x reticle on the AK I just seem to do better with it than the chevron of the m4. I also like the sks/mini over other snipers because I like the follow up better on them better than Kar because my aim is trash.

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Depends on what I can find.

Generally my priority goes AK < m16 < m4 < SKS < Scar-L for primary. Rifles
I prefer the Scar as I spray with it very well and usually win close battles like such with it. m4 is usually most peoples chose cuz the spray is easy to control but I just had more success with scar.
I usually want to run 4x with my rifles and have a red dot when things get close. 8x i try to have on sniper but will carry it on the side for longer engagements if all I have is a rifle.
I can usually find a vertical for SKS/Scar or Angled for m4 so as long I have that and at least flash hider im good to go.

Worth mentioning, at distances 200m+ 5.56 will take 2 shots to knock full health player without helmet. 7.62 will always knock a player without helmet in one shot.

Recoil on the SKS with vertical, flash hider and check pad is way better than AK and much better range. Usually running SKS i will have M4 or Scar for mid to close.
Reason is manageable recoil but also faster firing rate than the AK for close encounters.

For secondary, I like to have a sniper and priority goes mini < SKS < kar98 < m24 < AWM
If I cannot find sniper I will be running a shotty with at least a choke or if I find a suppressor for a SMG. For everything else M4/Scar.



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