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Tips for sniping and lead

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Anyone got any tips for using snipers in pubg? There are some people who seem to get right on target and then there is me and anytime I get an 8x I cant seem to hit anything. Its as if putting an 8x on a gun guarantees me a miss. I dont find it to be true with 4x and find myself decent on ranging when it comes to at distance shots.

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There are 2 things.

Number one what Caveman said.

You want to eventually get use to about how far a target is by getting a feel.

If they are running and you are trying to hit the target you need to shoot one player model in front of the direction the player is running for every 100 meters.

So Ex. 100m = 1 player model in front, 200m 2 player models in front, 300m 3 player model in front and ext. Saw this in a youtube video tried it and works very well.

If they are running away from you and they are snaking you want to always shoot on either side of the player model never at the player model as they will probably weave. Usually they weave left and right alternating so shooting on one side of the player model continuous usually will get you hits.

Hope this helps.


Found the video here it is: 


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